Orange Telugu Full Movie | Ram Charan | Genelia D’Souza

Directed by     : Bhaskar

Produced by  : Nagendra Babu

Starring          : Ram Charan

                        : Genelia D’Souza

                        : Prakash Raj

                        : Prabhu Ganesan

                        : Sanchita Shetty

                       : Shazahn Padamsee

Music by       : Harris Jayaraj


 Orange is a 2010 Telugu Romantic Drama Film Directed By Bhaskar.
Set on Backdrop of Australia, The movie opens with an angry Ram Charan (Ram).He narrating his story love broke up with his Girl Friend to Police Officer Prakash Raj (Abhishek Varma).
Ram Charan is introduced to be an youngster who doesn’t believe in everlasting love and he loves Graffiti.
 In this Film, Ram Charan gone through Nine loves in his life and he thinks that love between two people eventually dies out.

As a person With strong Morals, he is honest and wants to love life and live with open mind, Open thought and open action With his Lover.
However he makes it clear that love between two people is never the same as it first is. Ram doesn’t really bother about feelings of jannu and assumes that things work out for him with her because of how he feels for her without genuinely caring about how she feels and wants her future.

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